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zCLI is the Zerops command-line tool.

Install zCLI

zCLI can be installed using npm:

npm i -g @zerops/zcli

Currently, the zCLI is distributed for Linux (x86 & x64 architecture), macOS (x64 & M1 architecture) and Windows (x64 architecture).

To download the zCLI directly, use the latest ↗ release on GitHub.

Create a personal access token

Personal tokens allow you to securely access Zerops using zCLI. You can create one or more personal tokens and manage them in Zerops GUI.

To create a new personal access token open your account settings by clicking your avatar in the top right corner and choose Access token management. Then create a new access token.


Use the access token to login to zCLI

Login to zCLI using following command:

zcli login <token>