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Integrate your GitLab repository

Connect your GitLab repository

Integrate Zerops to your GitLab repository and configure the automatic builds and deploys.


Before you start the integration, create a runtime service in Zerops and add zerops.yml to your repository.

In Zerops GUI go to the service detail and select Build, deploy, run pipeline settings from the left menu.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Connect with a GitLab repository button.
  2. You will be prompted to grant Zerops access to your public and private repositories.

Zerops needs full access to your repositories on GitLab to be able to configure GitLab webhooks and download your application code into the build container. When the build pipeline is finished, the build container is deleted. Zerops doesn't store your source code.

  1. Select the repository you want to integrate with the runtime service.
  2. Choose the New tag option if you want to trigger the build & deploy pipeline each time you create a new tag. Optionally, Add a regular expression without slashes. Every new tag you create will be checked against the specified regular expression. New build and deploy pipeline will be triggered only if the tag matches the regular expression.
  3. Or choose the Push to branch option and select the branch from the list. Every push to the selected branch will trigger a new build & deploy pipeline, unless you skip the pipeline with a specific commit message.

// TODO Screenshot: connect to a repository with a GitLab repository selected.

Skip the automatic pipeline once

To ensure that a pipeline is not triggered by your next push, add [ci skip] or [skip ci] to the commit message. It is case insensitive.


You will still see a successful delivery of a webhook in your Github/Gitlab repository as a webhook is actually triggered, but with no action.

Disconnect your GitLab repository

Once the integration to your GitLab repository is established, Zerops creates a webhook in your GitLab repository.

When you want to stop the integration, go to the service detail and select Build, deploy, run pipeline settings from the left menu. Then click on the Stop automatic build trigger button.


Zerops removes the webhook in GitLab and deletes the integration configuration.